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Memory was the attribute of the gods,
and forgetting, our defence.
Against that, Cain is said to have chosen
exile without fatherland, rather than taking the mother country to the grave.
Yet memory has endured,
because fear existed later on,
and so there has been no solitude,
but rather silence which was spread
through the conversation
broken in denial
and thanks to memories
we curled up in the womb of forgetfulness
while fear pursued us
for memory was the attribute of the gods
and forgetting, our excuse.


Only death was in God's image,
pursuing the lips of children in foreign cities.
It had scattered the apostles and enemies
without needing to rouse them,
two by two and in groups,
to cross sea expanses of flagless countries,
to suddenly burst at twilight
the wails of children who could not sleep,
when they needed almond flower and sweet water.
Beneath, all death was in God's image,
the women, who did not want to give birth to suffering,
couldn't close their eyes, unless it was to take
that perfumed garden inside them,
along with autumn in their wombs,
they who waited
for the moment and means to repudiate death
fulfilled in God's image.

ITZULPENA :   Sarah J. Trutle eta Iñaki Mendiguren

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